mtiLib: Read Monotype FontDame source files

FontTools provides support for reading the OpenType layout tables produced by Monotype’s FontDame and Font Chef font editors. These tables are written in a simple textual format. The mtiLib library parses these text files and creates table objects representing their contents.

Additionally, fonttools mtiLib will convert a text file to TTX XML., font, tableTag=None)[source]

Convert a Monotype font layout file to an OpenType layout object

A font object must be passed, but this may be a “dummy” font; it is only used for sorting glyph sets when making coverage tables and to hold the OpenType layout table while it is being built.

  • f – A file object.

  • font (TTFont) – A font object.

  • tableTag (string) – If provided, asserts that the file contains data for the given OpenType table.


An object representing the table. (e.g. table_G_S_U_B_)

fontTools.mtiLib.main(args=None, font=None)[source]

Convert a FontDame OTL file to TTX XML.

Writes XML output to stdout.


args – Command line arguments (--font, --table, input files).