ankr: Anchor Point Table

class fontTools.ttLib.tables._a_n_k_r.table__a_n_k_r(tag=None)[source]

The anchor point table provides a way to define anchor points. These are points within the coordinate space of a given glyph, independent of the control points used to render the glyph. Anchor points are used in conjunction with the ‘kerx’ table.

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Compiles the table into binary. Called automatically on save.

decompile(data, font)

Create an object from the binary data. Called automatically on access.

dependencies = []
fromXML(name, attrs, content, font)
merge(m, tables)
toXML(writer, font)
tryPackingHarfbuzz(writer, hb_first_error_logged)
tryResolveOverflow(font, e, lastOverflowRecord)