COLR: Color Table

class fontTools.ttLib.tables.C_O_L_R_.LayerRecord(name=None, colorID=None)[source]
fromXML(eltname, attrs, content, ttFont)[source]
toXML(writer, ttFont)[source]
class fontTools.ttLib.tables.C_O_L_R_.table_C_O_L_R_(tag=None)[source]

This table is structured so that you can treat it like a dictionary keyed by glyph name.

ttFont['COLR'][<glyphName>] will return the color layers for any glyph.

ttFont['COLR'][<glyphName>] = <value> will set the color layers for any glyph.

decompile(data, ttFont)[source]
dependencies = []
fromXML(name, attrs, content, ttFont)[source]
merge(m, tables)
toXML(writer, ttFont)[source]