feat: Feature name table

class fontTools.ttLib.tables._f_e_a_t.table__f_e_a_t(tag=None)[source]

The feature name table is an AAT (Apple Advanced Typography) table for storing font features, settings, and their human-readable names. It should not be confused with the Feat table or the OpenType Layout GSUB/GPOS tables. See Feature Name Table in the TrueType Reference Manual for more information on the structure and purpose of this table.


Compiles the table into binary. Called automatically on save.

decompile(data, font)

Create an object from the binary data. Called automatically on access.

dependencies = []
fromXML(name, attrs, content, font)
merge(m, tables)
toXML(writer, font)
tryPackingHarfbuzz(writer, hb_first_error_logged)
tryResolveOverflow(font, e, lastOverflowRecord)