maxp: Maximum Profile

class fontTools.ttLib.tables._m_a_x_p.table__m_a_x_p(tag=None)[source]
decompile(data, ttFont)[source]
dependencies = ['glyf']
fromXML(name, attrs, content, ttFont)[source]
merge(m, tables)
mergeMap = {'*': <built-in function max>, 'maxFunctionDefs': <function first>, 'maxInstructionDefs': <function first>, 'maxStorage': <function first>, 'numGlyphs': <built-in function sum>, 'tableTag': <function equal>, 'tableVersion': <function equal>}
prune_pre_subset(font, options)

Recalculate the font bounding box, and most other maxp values except for the TT instructions values. Also recalculate the value of bit 1 of the flags field and the font bounding box of the ‘head’ table.

toXML(writer, ttFont)[source]